Who are the Rogues?

Who Are the Rogue Knights? You mean you really don’t know? What the hell!!

First and foremost WE ARE NOT A FAMILY FRIENDLY GUILD, but we love to have fun!

This is the home for the Rogue Knights of Knorr Guild, One Guild, Many Lands! We were founded in 2003 in the lands of Dereth in Asherons Call and is lead by Jademoon, our Kinship in Lord of the Rings Online is called the Fellowship of the Rogues and is lead by Pizzolas. Our Guild in Guild Wars 2 is called Rogue Knights and is led by Poagia.

Our original guild from Ashersons Call the Rogue Knights of Knorr of the Morningthaw server, is a old Guild founded by Evoker II. It is lead by Jademoon and still in existence today.

Our LOTRO Kinship the Fellowship of the Rogues of the Brandywine Server, is a max rank Kin (Rank 10) and have been around since closed beta, our founders played together in Asherson’s Call until we migrated to LOTRO!

Our Guild Wars 2 Guild is known as Rogue Knights and we play on the Jade Quarry server, some of the founders played in the betas and have a lot of knowledge about the game. 

We are not like most other Guilds as we tend to be a little rougher around the edges and naughty, that’s why we require our members to be at least 18 years of age (not mentally, most would not pass that test, as I am around 13 mentally and love fart and boob jokes!) or older (most in their lates 20s and 30s, some 40s like me), we try to run things based on CST time but we have players from all time zones including a crazy New Zealander or Aussie or two!

Our language and subject matter on our forum, in our Guild chats, on our Teamspeak channel can at times exceed nc-17 thats why the age limit, plus we hate leet speak and kids taking up our gaming time, you DAMN KIDS STAY OFF OUR LAWN!!

We don’t have many rules other then don’t piss off the Officers, and don’t be a jerk out in the World to others (unless they start it, then its guns blazing, don’t mess with a Rogue lol)!

Only Guild Chat rules are: NO POLITICAL TALK, we had several people leave or be booted when we allowed it so we have cut that stuff out! Enough already!

So if you think you are Rogue material (mainly nuts with potty mouths who like to have fun) then contact one of us today or apply here on our website!

See you around Dereth, Middle Earth or lands of Tyria!