The Rift Raid

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The Rift:  "In the far northeast corner of Angmar, the Angmarim in their desperation have opened a long-sealed door and begun mining for obsidian and iron in a place simply known as The Rift. They have uncovered long since forgotten tales and evils. The Rangers of Gath Forthnír, led by the Elf-lord Iorelen, are now keeping tabs on this expedition and need your help!"

"Within the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu, Angmar mines for the ore they need to arm their legions. In their search for iron, they have uncovered the home of the Eldgang, as well as a hidden evil, ancient beyond knowledge...."

During the First Age, a mighty city once stood. Eventually, it fell into ruin, and was lost until the Fire-giants (or Eldgang as they call themselves) found and later inhabited this underground lair. It was known in the Black Speech as the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu.

Lore of The Rift: The folk of Middle-earth’s northern lands have long held the name of Angmar in dread, but in that fell kingdom are places that cause even the minions of Mordirith to tremble. At the feet of the Mountains of Angmar lies the terrible land of death and decay, Gath Uior. Even the Orcs and evil Men who gather there fear what lurks behind the great portal that leads under the mountains. It is said that ever-vigilant guards watch the gates, which were hewn long before the Witch-king first came to Angmar – not to keep enemies out, but to keep something in.

The Wise say that behind that portal is a passage into a place called, in the Black Speech of the Enemy, the “Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu.” Nûrz Ghâshu is little more than a legend among the Free Peoples of Eriador, but like all legends there is some grain of truth to it. Rumour tells of a breed of giants who dwell therein, as well as something far greater, far more terrifying. Whether these tales are true or not, Angmar is preparing to take the Rift and to unleash the great evil that might dwells there...

Rogue Lore of The Rift: One day a few of the Rogues decided to tackle this 12 man raid called The Rift, up until then the majority of the ones interested in the raid had never raided or participated in fellowship fights and didn't fully know how to play their classes with others, myself included (Pizz), then we had a few others join our Kin that was really interested in building us up as a group to run this raid and other content, so we started at the bottom and started playing together as a group learning our classes, do's and don'ts, what other classes could and couldn't do in grouping etc basically Raiding 101. We had many trials and tribulations and failed miserably quite often. Then we finally started learn and to get our shit together so to speak and spent hours and hours learning the fights and the bosses and how to run it! Some of us would spend our week crafting and making money and potions and items needed to have a run at the Rift Friday and Saturday nights.. I still to this day remember all too well the feeling of togetherness and accomplishment and FUN and the whooping and hollering going in in ventrilo when we finally beat the fucking Balrog in the Rift!!!! All the deaths, all the arguments, all the practice, all the money and time (especially the time we waited for someone to make triple traps) spent was so worth it in the end when we stood on top of that dead motherfucker and pissed on his ashes!

As a Kinship WE CAME, WE SAW, WE KICKED ITS ASS! We downed the Balrog and then began to really play the game as it was meant to be played.