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Rouge LOTRO Raid Guide


Rogue Raid and Fellowship Grouping Guide!

Why do we have guidelines and rules for raids and grouping? Because without them generally the raid or quest fails or people get pissed off and don’t want to go again, so these guidelines and rules will help us ALL with that, both the leaders and the members in the raid/group.

These rules/guidelines pertain to both Raids, and Quest Grouping but will be called raids pretty much even though raids are generally considered more then a 6 person group size.

Please be aware that raids such as the Rift, Helegrod, The Watcher, Turtle, BG etc. are very different than any other PvE content out there. It is important that everyone knows from the start what is expected of them, and the “rules” that will apply. While we don’t expect for you all to memorize any of this (well yeah, there will be a pop quiz at the end) we do expect everyone to learn their roles and eventually remember the steps we take through the raid.

The following is what we the leaders of groups and raids expect from everyone involved. Our main concerns are #1 EVERYONE having fun , #2 the survival of the group, and #3 completing the objective at hand. If the leader sees you doing ANYTHING that will make a negative impact on either of those two things, you WILL be warned or removed from the group or raid, no if’s, and’s, or but’s. Our job is to make sure everyone has fun and lives through the raid (dieing and a 500s repair bill is not fun). MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT HAVE A RAID LOCK BEFORE JOINING A GROUP FOR RAIDS LIKE THE WATCHER OR CD OR RIFT, it is simple to check, if you don’t know how, ASK US!

First and foremost, the RAID LEADER makes the calls and sets the tone of the raid. Do not run ahead of the raid leader, if he/she stops, it’s for a good reason. Try to keep the voice channel clear unless we are at a stopping point, any non-fight related comments belong in the raid chat channel. Do not do anything unless the raid leader has asked you to. If the raid leader asks you to do something, do that and nothing more. Never decide on your own to do anything. (In the immortal words of Eric Cartman….Respect Mah Authoritay!!)

Raid assist. We will always have a raid assist target, that is the person in the raid (most of the time a champ or hunter) who everyone will be focusing all attacks on their target. We cannot stress enough the importance of this. You must stay on the raid assist at ALL times unless told to target something else. This will insure that the targets are brought down as quickly as possible. If the raid leader sees arrows flying towards or single people fighting anything but the raid assist’s target, we will warn you, then if you keep it up, you will be dropped from the group. If for some reason you happen to pull aggro on a mob or mobs, DO NOT engage them, stay on the raid assist and someone will pull them off you. (Aggro discussed next paragraph.)

Aggro management. You will learn very quickly the importance of aggro management. The Main Tank (MT) is responsible for maintaining aggro management. All fights will happen where he/she decides. Once the MT has planted, that is where the fight will happen, under the MT’s terms, not the mobs’. The Off Tank (OT) is responsible for helping with peels or adds (mobs that run off after someone else) as well as the champs. The OT and champs need to watch for peels and go after them ASAP *Except for the raid assist* and bring them back to the MT. Anyone that pulls aggro off the MT should #1 not run around like a fool and #2 run for nearest tank or champ and SPEAK UP THAT YOU DO HAVE AGGRO, they can’t pull it off you if they don’t know you have it! If you consistently are pulling aggro off the MT, we need to reevaluate what you are doing. The first thing to understand is that if the MT does not have aggro, you have just shut down his ability to keep aggro as all the skills a guard has rely on him being attacked and by blocking or making parries. It is far easier to hold aggro than it is to pull it off of someone. If you pull aggro on yourself, DO NOT fight the target anymore. Stop attacking and turn auto attack off until the champs or OT gets it off you.

Aggro management and your role in it. A few things that classes should understand regarding aggro are: Aggro builds on a point-by-point system, meaning that for every point of damage you do to a mob, you get a point of aggro. Same goes with healing. If a guard pulls a mob, and you straight off the bat nail it with a heartseeker before the tank can build some aggro, it will come straight for you, and the guard will probably not be able to get it off you, since tanks are low DPS, it is very unlikely that one can overcome a 1.5k damage deficit. Same with heals, if a mini spams group heals, that can be big trouble…as a group heal of say 300 points x 6 targets = 1.8k points of aggro. However, guards are equipped with skills that actually give them a bonus to their threat/aggro, and they do have a few skills that can pull mobs off, but those can miss, or be resisted. In most cases, if they miss, or the mob(s) resist, you are SOL. It is up to you alone to learn how to control your aggro. To be blunt, if you consistently pull aggro off the tank,then the old rul of “You Pull It, You Tank It” stance comes into effect. In other words, if you steadily pull the mobs,the tank will not run after you to get them, nor will anyone else, there will be no heals for you, and you can watch the fight from your knee. After paying out a few gold for repairs, I feel that this should teach you to control your aggro and this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Minstrels – Group heals should be a last resort only or should be used after a fight to get everyone ready for the next round. Do not spam single target heals. Everyone does not have to be at 100% moral at all times, this will only burn through your power and leave you unable to heal when we really need it. Use the instruments that lower threat and lute strings. Always know where the champs and tanks are, if you pull aggro haul your ass to them and SPEAK UP SAYING I GOT AGGRO. If we are running with more than one mini, decide beforehand who will heal who to avoid unnecessary heals to one target. (This will usually be established by the raid leader at the start) If possible, try to trait up to be a group buffer (slot the trait that makes your ballads a group buff instead of an attack) ***NEVER use your in-combat rez unless the raid leader tells you to*** while this is a nice ability, we prefer to save them for the boss fights, we can easily burn trash mobs with 1 or more members down. While you are able to do DPS, your role is as a healer and buffer, so don’t use up your power on attacking the mobs.

Lore Masters – Please keep your pets on PASSIVE at all times. While they are great value, they can easily get us in trouble. We prefer for you to use the raven for the fear buffs they give. However, the lynx is very nice to usein certain situations, play it by ear. **leave the bear at home** Your role is as CC and a buffer/debuffer. Watch for wounds and get them off ASAP. Learn early on who will need power, make sure the minis have power, if the heals stop, we all die. When draining power form mobs, try to drain from one not being attacked. If you drain the one that we are killing, it may die before your drain can fully run. Always try to mez targets before they reach the middle of the pack, if your mez doesn’t stick, yell it out so that a back up can try. If a mob reaches the fight, and you are going to mez it, let us know what target is getting mezzed so that it will not get hit, and we can back the others away from it after you mez. If you just fire a mezball off into the group without warning, no bitching about it getting broken!

Burglars – Learn the buffs that mobs get, and counter them with your debuffs. While conj’s are always welcome, please keep one open for times when we really need one. You will be back up for LM when mezzes miss, always be ready in a pull to stun/riddle if this happens. Please be sure to announce when you are about to conj so that everyone will be ready and to avoid missed opportunities, throw your gambles and debuffs on the main target and keep them chained on them throughout the fight, add to the dps pool when you can.

Captains – We prefer for you to use banners instead of heralds. We will decide on the best one to use based on the group you are in. Please put the MT or the OT as shield brother, as this will help the mini with healing. Your main role here is as a buffer/healer. Make sure to spam your fear removal skill especially in the later fights. While you do have limited tanking abilities, please reserve that for keeping mobs off the healers. You cannot effectively watch others in the raid if you are in the face of a solo mobso offtank only when necessary. Remember that In Harms Way, and Last Stand are last resort skills, use them wisely.

Champions – Your AOE and DPS are our bread and butter. However, you will need to adapt to a different playstyle in grouping or raids. Running wide open with the narrow view of “beat on it til it dies” will not work usually. You will have to learn to work in tandem with the MT and not against him/her. You will most of the time be pushing the limit of pulling aggro off the tanks, you will HAVE to learn when to back off and when to give it all you have. If you are not the raid assist champ, you will be acting as the minis bodyguard, if anything goes for them, you are expected to run for them, lay down the AOE and bring it back to the fight. You have an ability that lets you dump your aggro off on another target, round up the adds and dump them on the tank. You will learn that through the rift and Helegrod etc, there are mobs and the bosses have special abilities, once you learn the animations for these, use your clobber to interrupt them. We will be relying on you to stop these skills, because in some fights, them getting one off can mean the difference between victory, and a wipe, recap: DPS, Keep mobs off Minis, Clobber clobber clobber, DPS, AOE, horn stuns oh and DPS some more.

Hunters – Understand that when a tank makes a pull, our taunts do no damage, they merely get the attention of the mobs, thus giving us the initial aggro. If you start pew pewing arrows at them before they get to the tank and they can work up some aggro, they will peel for you. Then the tank has to worry about getting it off of you and cannot focus on holding aggro on the main group of mobs. This leads to a champ pulling aggro on them all and possibly dieing, all meanwhile the tanks is wasting skills and power on getting the mob off of you, the mini now has three targets to heal instead of one. While having the DPS to pull aggro is nice, it is inefficient to do it, all it does is uses resources that can be used later (skills, power, etc). You should be running your threat lowering stance, and threat bow chants. This is not a race to kill the mobs, its more of an endurance race. It is usually best to wait to attack until the tank has locked aggro, Usually his first 5 attacks should lock them unless he misses. As rule of thumb, we suggest using auto attacks until around 1/4 of the mobs health is gone, it should be safe to open up on them at that point without pulling aggro. If for some reason you find yourself pulling a mob, stop attacking it and turn off auto attack (usually ~ key unless you remapped) until it has been pulled off. At this point you are high on the list of aggro, it would make sense to NOT shoot it for a few seconds to make sure you have dropped down a few notches, instead of immediately shooting and pulling it right back. Beneath Notice is your friend, use it. You should also be looking for poison debuffs and removing them ASAP. Your power pool is your own responsibility, you have Strength of the Earth to pull power while in combat, use it. The LM has more important things to worry about then keeping your power up.

Tanks (Guardians, Wardens, Sometimes Champs) – If you are the MT, it is your responsibility to maintain aggro. If you are the OT, it is your responsibility to either hold aggro on what you are told to, add to the DPS pool, or round up peels. For OT’s it’s best to wait until the MT has aggro before taunting etc or just not taunt at all on the MTs target. It is counter-productive for tanks to battle for aggro between each other. The OT’s job will be to protect the minis, if mobs aggro a mini, you are to run to them, put up shield wall on them ASAP while you and/or the champs are getting the aggro back to the MT. At times, the OT will be assigned to tank bosses or adds, during this time, it is your responsibility to hold aggro on what you have been assigned to.

Rune Keepers – Generally you should be traited for all out dps and NEED to have Do Not Fall This Day ready to use when asked! Be prepared to spot heal or take over if a mini goes down and pick up the slack, PLEASE be very mindful of how powerful your attacks are and how easily you pull aggro, you are squishy and NOT A TANK no matter what you may think!

Loot Rules: We run a simple roll/pass during all fights except the boss fights. While the loot is on roll/pass, all are welcome to roll on any items. we do ask that you look at items before you roll, as from time to time, a class specific item may drop from a mob. Most items in chests or off boss types are BOA, so if you are not that class, please don’t roll on the item. If we don’t have that class, or they do not need the item, everyone will be able to roll on it. **Please refrain from looting while in combat. It is annoying, and distracting. Trust me, you will not be missing out on anything by waiting to loot until after the fight**.

Once the boss fight starts, the loot will go to master looter. When the boss is down, no one other than the raid leader will loot boss corpses or the chest in the rooms. Once the corpse/chest is looted, the raid leader will post the gems and teal items (if they drop) or other special items one at a time in the raid chat. AFTER the item is linked, those who need it may roll. Any /roll made before the item is linked, will not count as your roll. Once you win a gem in the Rift, you are unable to roll on another one for the duration of the raid (even if we do it in multiple parts) until the next raid. Teal items will be rolled on first by those who will actually equip the item in the raid, or outside of it. If you will not use it, let those who will use the item roll for it. If it is an item that no one will use, all will be welcome to roll on the item. Rolling for alts is not allowed unless there is none in the raid who need it. Simply, if you want to equip your alt, bring them in the raid. After gems and teals and specials are dispersed, all other items will be linked in one lot, everyone will then /roll and in order from the highest roll to the lowest, each person will have their choice of one item. If you win a gem or teal especially in the Rift, you may still roll on vendor items or the linked purple items etc.

*Special situations* There are a handful of RARE drops in the chests. For our purposes, they will NOT count as gems like a lot of groups do. I feel that while winning a gem is difficult, no one should be bared from the chance to roll on an even rarer item, all special items will have a seperate roll.


At least 10 of each of the following potions:

Wound removal, Poison removal, Fear removal, and a few Disease (salves are great as you can use on yourself or others with them)

Power and Healing Potions

Any foods you want to bring and use, both for heal/power over time and skilsl like might or agility

Battle and Defense Scrolls made by Scholars

Hope tokens

AND Have your Armor REPAIRED and be ready to go before the posted start time!!!!


These are the rules, learn them, live them, love them.