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Pizz: In Asherons Call he was known as Pizz Boy, he was a legend on the IGN AC Morningthaw Forums, often hated, sometimes quoted, sometimes liked or loved. His name came from a joke among his guildmates. Each of his guildmates decided to make mule toons (characters to hold items in storage), and were talking about names for them. Someone decided to make their toon name based on obscure characters in Mel Brooks movies, Pizz was based on the piss boy from History of the World part 1, the lowly piss boy who also looked like the King. So in order to get passed the naming violation piss boy became Pizz Boy and the Legend (in his own mind) was born!

Pizzolas Horguana is his take off of a cross of Pizz and Legolas... Pizzolas...  the last name is based on a combination of a horse and iguana.......... you can try to figure that out on your own!

Here is the in game Bio of Pizzolas Horguana:

The Pizz has come unto Middle Earth to spread his seed over and over and over and over again to bring forth his Radiance all across the lands into every nook and cranny. Let the Light of Pizz shine in you! Kneel before him and bask in his Manhood Glory!

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