Not Cool

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Not Cool: This began back in AC from our forum I started back then right after I joined the Rogues, the Rogues had a older website that someone ran and stopped playing and no one could get in contact with them so when I joined the Rogues I told them I would start up a forum again etc. The old forum still exists though some of the data was lost from the original I started.  On that forum I had custom ranks for people to gain by how many posts they posted like most forums, I named them silly things like Noob, Not Quite A Rogue, Rogue, Rogue Knight etc etc just something silly I did one night.

Well there was a Rogue named Sam Colt in the guild at the time that joined the forum and because he did not post any posts his title/rank was noob or something like, it was not Rogue Knight, so he kinda freaked out in a trollish boring dull diatribe on why he was a Rogue Knight and not a noob or whatever blah blah blah and he decided to leave the guild over it (showing his real loyalty in my opinion) but on his rambling goodbye message he wrote this at the end of it: NOT COOL

I even made coffee mugs and such to sell on the Rogue Swag Website years ago!

So us being us took the NOT COOL to heart and everytime someone did or said something in guild chat we would all reply with NOT COOL! Assholes you say? Us? NOOOOOOOOO! NOT COOL!