Naked Moors Run

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Naked Moors Run: Ahhh Rogues became semi-famous years ago when we used to host silly events either for our Kin or inviting others to join or have a open event for anyone to participate.

One such event we would hold was the Naked Moors Run where we would all go out to the Ettenmoors pvp area and strip off our armour, weapons and jewelry and buffs, down to our unfashionable lotro undies! Then we would line up on the stairs at GV and try to run as a group all across the moors to the Steps of Grams and then have a contest to see who could a. make it without a Creep killing us, B. see who could get as close as possible to getting inside the gate at Grams with the one shotters killing us or Creeps, we even videoed some of these runs and then some creeps started joining in the fun and would run along with us at times.