LOTRO Kin Founding

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Our LOTRO Founding


The origin of the Fellowship of the Rogues!

The Rogues were founded in Lord of the Rings March 15th, on the Brandywine Server. But the Founders of the Kin were members of the Rogue Knights of Knorr Guild from Asherons Call, the Guild was founded in AC by the great Evoker II. The Rogue Knights were a very unique and thriving Guild and well known on the Morningthaw server in AC.

Pizzolas, Arandriel, Barnacles, Toidy, Orolin, Living, Purpie, Ra-Xenar, and others from the AC Guild decided to play LOTRO and we formed The Fellowship of the Rogues in beta on Brandywine, when the servers went live on launch we formed up as soon as we could, however we were not allowed to form on the first due or days after due to many glitches in the Kinship naming system, we originally wanted to use our Rogue Knights, but the LOTRO naming system rejected the word Knight at the time, that was later fixed, but we decided on Fellowship of the Rogues, we formed up, and have been on Brandywine since, playing in our unique style in Middle Earth!