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Lava: la·va  (lä′və, lăv′ə) n.

1. Molten rock that reaches the earth's surface through a volcano or fissure.
2. The rock formed by the cooling and solidifying of molten rock.
[Italian, perhaps from Latin lābēs, fall, from Latin lābī, to fall.]
Word History: Appropriately, lava was named by people living near Mount Vesuvius. The only active volcano on the European mainland, Vesuvius has erupted frequently since Pompeii andHerculaneum were buried by it in ad 79. The Neapolitans who lived in the vicinity took the Italian word lava, meaning "a stream caused suddenly by rain," and applied it to the streams ofmolten rock coming down the sides of Vesuvius. The term was then taken into Standard Italian, where it came to mean the rock in both its molten and its solidified states. The Italian word was borrowed into English around the middle of the 18th century.
Rogue Lore: Lava can be found deep inside several dungeons in Middle Earth, but especially in The Rift. Lava is normally not very attractive to players. However, for some unknown reason, Arandriel (Jademoon in AC) is highly attracted to lava in The Rift. I cannot count how many times she would walk thru one of the portals in The Rift and then immediately jump right into a nice warm lava bath and melt to death only having to be resurrected... she always blamed lag for it.. I however think it is some weird abnormal attraction to it...