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Gold: A male playing a female character on LOTRO, or a female playing a male character, or well the only one that may know for sure is Liedraen. No matter which it is, he/she seems to have a unnatural attraction to Pizz, borderline obsession really. Gold's milkshake brings... well no one really knows again except for Liedraen what his/her milkshake brings to the yard but we do know Pizz does not wish to find out, ever...

Gold has been used as the example of our Rogue oddity at times by our recruiting officers to perspective recruits (generally as a warning as to what they may see in chat or experience from Gold, although with the influence on him/her by Liedraen he/she has calmed down a lot, we hope), Gold is high up on the kicked/demoted list as well for various reasons, though he/she is not the highest on that list.

*In all seriousness, Gold is a very good player and generally willing to help out when he/she can.