Original Website Greeting

Original Asherons Call Guild Website Greeting
Written by Evoker II (Original Guild Leader)
Monday, 21 July 2003

Code of The Order of Perfect Light

For many years within the halls of Knorr Lyceum. From the very beginning of our early days in the land of Ispar.. The Order of Perfect Light has stood Tall and True, even through the dark nights. We only have one person to owe a debt of gratitude and loyalty to. He is not one of our kind, however his love and loyalty to his followers warms their hearts ,and his words of wisdom fills their soles with true inner strength. He is Asheron Realaidain, The Empyrean Grand Sorcerer.

From that first enchanted evening when we gathered at Knorr, and throughout the years till this very day , Asheron has instilled his virtues and beliefs upon his Rogue knights. For his visions and hopes of prosperity within the lands rested heavily on the shoulders of his loyal students. With the times passing he can only sit back, watch and hope his teachings made their way into the their minds. For at this time they are alone and without his aid. The Order again must rise and preserve the Light, and repel the darkness. I Evoker II , Keeper of the Halls of Knorr, loving student of Asheron have been assigned the task of leading our society till the day our master returns. From him I speak the words of our Code for all Rogue Knights to see and live by.

Live a Honorably and Steadfast!
What point is there in having a name if it is tainted with weakness and dishonor? You carry the name of Asheron. Do not disappoint him.

Lend a hand to those in Need!
How can a society grow strong without aid from it?s brethren. Help those less fortunate, for one day your token of offering will payback ten fold!!

Fight a warriors Fight!
It is one thing to die a cowards death. It is another to die a hero. Fight hard and fight true.

Let your mind lead you in the right direction!
Use great judgement before making decisions. Well organized, and thought out plan will prove well every time.

Defend your allegiance at all costs!
We are once again free to roam the hillsides of Dereth. This freedom however carries a price. Defend your family and the their name. For only they give us reason to exist.!

Lastly, The Light must Prevail!!

These are the words of Asheron